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      正板柵壓鑄機PRODUCT SHOW


      發布時間:2023-02-28 11:35:32







          Pressure die casted spines have more advantages than gravity casted spines at the strength and crystal density. The pressure die casting machine has been spread in foreign countries.

          All kinds of pressure die casting machines made by our company are stable ad easy to maintain. Which have got the National Invention Patent. Our company sticks to upgrade the products. The new product which can make double-spines at one time and the hydraulic pressure die casting machine won wide praise from the customers once put into market.

      設備用途: 適用于蓄電池正板柵壓鑄生產

      Application: Used for making tubular positive plates.

      設備構成: 壓鑄機主機、模具、剪切機

      Composition: Die-casting machine、mould、shearing machine

      柵筋長度: ≤620mm

      Spine length: ≤620mm

      冷卻水: 0.2 MPa—0.3 MPa

      Cooling water: 0.2-0.3 MPa


      Total power: 46—52KW



      ○ 主要采用液壓傳動系統壓鑄,液壓系統采用無級調速及壓力控制;

      ○ 熔 鉛 爐、噴嘴、模具溫度采用電加熱管加熱方式,溫控采用數字顯示,具有高溫報警功能;

      ○ 循環水通過模具冷卻流道降溫,模溫自動控制并可調節;

      ○ 模具采用高強度、高硬度材料保證板柵成型;

      ○ 采用聯鎖安全裝置,由壓鑄機自動完成合模、壓鑄、開模、頂出的工作循環,確保安全生產;

      ○ 電氣控制采用觸摸屏和PLC對系統進行程序控制,顯示設備運行狀態及實時工藝參數;具有



      ○ 模具鎖緊方式采用機械鎖緊或液壓鎖緊。

      Performance & Features

      ○ It mainly uses hydraulic controlled die-casting system with step less regulator.

      ○ The lead melting pot, nozzle and mould are heated by electricity. And their temperatures are digitally displayed. It will alarm if the temperature gets too high.

      ○ Circulating cooling water flows through the cooling system of the mould. The temperature of the mould is auto-controlled and adjustable.

      ○ The mould is made of alloy with high strength and hardness. The working cycle of mould closing, pressing, opening and ejecting is completed automatically.

      ○ The touch screen and PLC are used in programmable control for the machine. The actual processing data are displayed on the monitor. It has manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic control functions, and features dynamic demonstration and digital setting for the process parameters; It is convenient for the operators to understand the operating process clearly.

      ○ There are two types of mould-locking style: mechanical clamping and hydraulic clamping.


      備注 Remarks:Ⅰ —— 機械鎖模 Mechanical clamping          Ⅱ —— 液壓鎖模 Hydraulic clamping

                    K —— 一模二片型 Double-Spines               F —— 一模四片型 Four- Spines

                    a —— 自動取板型 Automatic Plates taking type


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